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How to Ride

How to Ride

We Stop for You

Bus shelters and green bus stop signs have been placed along fixed routes to designate a safe place to get on or off a bus. Connect Transit passengers seeking bus service are required to use these pickup locations. Buses will stop at the closest designated green signs to allow passengers to get on and off of the bus. 


While You Ride


As the bus approaches, look for the color or route or destination on the front of the bus to see if it is the one you need. If you are not sure that this is the bus that will take you where you need to go, ask the bus driver. They are happy to help and can answer your questions. Once the bus has come to a stop and the door opens, step on. The operator will kneel the bus or extend the ramp upon request if you need help boarding the bus.


Paying the Fare


An electronic fare box is located next to the driver. The fare box will accept cash and Connect Transit issued passes. Simply put the money in the fare box. Change cards will be issued for denominations over $1. There are discounts for children, seniors and disabled individuals. In addition, you may purchase passes at Connect Transit Fare Outlets.  If you are using transfers, these can be inserted into the fare box when you board. If you are using a bus pass, simply swipe the pass through the fare box and board the bus.


Take a Seat


We ask that you keep the seats at the front of the bus open for seniors and disabled individuals. Also, we recommend that for your safety, you take a seat instead of standing.

Rules of the Road

  • DO

    Wear proper clothing. Shirt and shoes are required

    Take a seat, if available, and remain seated while the bus is in motion.

    Give your seat to persons, who because of age or physical condition, are less able to stand than you are.

    Remove infants and parcels from strollers, and have the strollers folded before boarding the bus.

    Keep strollers, carts, and parcels out of the aisle.

    Limit your parcels to a reasonable number.

    Have fare ready before you board.


  • DON'T

    Eat or drink on the bus.

    Smoke, chew tobacco, or use E-Cigarettes

    Play a personal listening device loud enough for others to hear it.

    Use loud or offensive language.

    Block aisles or doorways.

    Put your hands out the windows or throw anything out the window.

    Bring animals on the bus, except service animals assisting persons with disabilities or animals inside cages.


Getting off the Bus


About a block from your stop, pull the cord on the wall above your seat to signal the driver. Wait until the bus comes to a complete stop and depart from the rear door. Connect Transit buses stop at marked bus stops  along scheduled routes.


Transferring Buses


Ask the bus driver for a transfer after you pay your fare and let the driver know which bus route you wish to transfer to. Insert that transfer into the fare box on the next available bus that will complete your trip. Transfers are not valid for use on the same route from which the transfer was issued, nor are they valid for use on a return trip. If you use a bus pass, you will not need a transfer, just swipe your pass again. 


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