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Connect Mobility FAQs

How do I make a Connect Mobility reservation?

All Connect Mobility riders must make a reservation.  To make a reservation call (309) 828-9833 between 8am and 5pm the day before you wish to ride.


  • Name
  • Pickup Address
  • Dropoff Address
  • Date
  • Time of appointment
  • Return time
  • “Will Call” for return, available for Dr. appointments only
What is Connect Mobility?

Connect Mobility provides a, shared ride, origin to destination service for persons who, because of disability, age, or injury are unable to use the fixed route buses. Click Here for more information.

Who may use Connect Mobility?

A person's eligibility to use Connect Mobility is determined on a case-by-case basis following specific eligibility criteria. In general, Connect Transit provides Connect Mobility for:


  • ADA Eligible Riders
    Some riders are eligible to use Connect Mobility because they have a disability which qualifies them under the Americans with Disabilities Act ("ADA"). These riders are unable to get to or from a fixed route bus stop because of their disability.
How do I apply for eligibility to use Connect Mobility?
  1. The rider (applicant) submits an application and physician’s release form to Connect Transit
  2. Connect Transit sends a packet of information to the applicant's physician
  3. The physician completes the packet and returns paperwork to Connect Transit
  4. Connect Transit reviews rider applications, physician paperwork to determine applicant eligibility
  5. Applicants are notified of eligibility from Connect Transit via mailed eligibility certificate and letter 
  6. If a special modified application is needed please call (309) 828-9833
When does Connect Mobility operate?

Connect Mobility operates 7 days a week during the same times as the Fixed Route service.

What does it cost to ride Connect Mobility?
  • ADA Eligible Riders - Regular Service area - $1.25 each way
  • Personal Attendants of ADA Eligible Riders- Free
Who can ride with me on Connect Mobility?

Personal Attendant


ADA eligible riders are permitted to have a Personal Attendant ride (at no charge) with them provided they indicate the need for a personal attendant when applying for ADA certification. The personal attendant must board and exit the bus at the same points as the ADA eligible rider. Attendants must be specifically added for each reservation made.


Persons who need help getting to and from the bus should make arrangements to have a Personal Attendant accompany them. Connect Mobility bus drivers may not leave the immediate area of their bus unless an emergency arises. Drivers will assist passengers getting on and off the bus as requested.


Traveling Companions    


ADA eligible riders may choose to have a traveling companion accompany them. Traveling companions pay the same fare, $1.25, as the ADA eligible rider with whom they are traveling and they must board and exit the bus at the same points as the ADA eligible rider. Companions must be specifically added for each reservation made