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Universal Access

Universal Access

Connect Transit has teamed up with area businesses to make commuting convenient and affordable for employees, students, residents, customers, clients and patients through our Universal Access Program.  Organizations can increase productivity and morale, be recognized as good corporate citizens and benefit the environment.  There are many reasons businesses should consider participating in Universal Access with Connect Transit.


Benefits of using Universal Access


  • Universal Access is an easy-to-use program that allows for forward-thinking employers to help employees, students, residents, customers, or patients to travel with ease. 
  • Timeliness – we work hard to stay on time, ensuring that riders get to their destination on time.
  • Reliability – you can count on us to get people to you every day we are in service, regardless of the weather.
  • Affordability – using Connect Transit is a low-cost addition to your overall benefits package that could easily pay for itself.
  • Enhanced Company Image – companies that help reduce traffic congestion are seen as highly desired organizations and good community neighbors.
  • Earn a Tax Deduction – the federal tax code permits employers who pay for any part of an employee’s bus transportation to structure their payment to reduce payroll taxes.


Participating Organizations


  • Heartland Community College- Students, Faculty and Staff
  • Illinois Farm Bureau Family of Companies
  • Illinois State University- Students, Faculty and Staff
  • Illinois Wesleyan University
  • Town of Normal
  • Youthbuild McLean County


Getting Started and How it Works


  • Choose a Transportation Coordinator – this person is a liaison between the company and Connect Transit.
  • Find Out How People are Getting to You – find out how people are currently getting to you and which commute options are of interest to them.  We can help you set up and conduct a survey, process the responses, and give you the results.
  • Sign Up – we will work with you to determine the usage needs your company has and negotiate the details of the agreement from there.
  • Spread the Word – Connect Transit offers a variety of materials and ideas to help you get the word out about your new program.




To learn more about Universal Access, call 309-828-9833.