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Better Bus Stops Campaign

Better Bus Stops for Bloomington-Normal

Landing Pad Standards

Connect Transit will continue to improve ADA accessibility at each of its stops, with priorities on improving mobility with connections to existing sidewalks, off-street paths, and other pedestrian facilities. In addition to stops with shelters, Connect Transit will work to outfit stops with the ADA-approved bus stop pad of 96 inches by 60 inches, in addition to connecting to pedestrian facilities. The Bus stop location must have a total of 5 boardings or alightings per day to qualify for an ADA landing pad. Connect will review bus stops with at least 5 passenger boardings or alightings a day and prioritize the number of times a wheelchair lift or ramp has been used to reflect the highest to lowest priority.


Bench/Bench Combination/Leaning Rail Locations

Connect Transit will continue toward a goal of improved user facilities by utilizing additional amenities including; benches, bench combinations (seating affixed to solar powered light fixtures), and leaning rails at those locations that may not necessarily warrant the installation of a shelter, but may need amenities greater than a landing pad. The following guidelines will be used in determining the placement of these types of amenities:


  1. Passenger boardings must fall between 5 and 15 per day. Stop locations exceeding 15 passenger boardings per day will be evaluated using the criteria established under “Shelter Locations” above however, locations exceeding 15 passenger boardings per day may still be considered for these types of amenities if a shelter is not warranted.
  2. The installation of these types of amenities will also require the installation of a proper landing pad as established under the criteria for “Landing Pad Standards” above.
  3. For installations in the city-owned right-of-way, a setback of no less than five (5) feet from the curb must be available. This setback will aid in providing a location in which passengers will be far enough back from the adjacent vehicle traffic lane so as to prevent exposure to vehicular traffic and vehicle components, road spray, and other debris which may be generated by passing motorists.
  4. Connect Transit reserves the right to reallocate benches/bench combinations/leaning rails based on changing need or ridership trends, discontinuation of service, redesign of the streetscape or nearby intersections, and/or from repeated vandalism. Connect Transit intends to utilize a “three-strike” policy that indicates if costly vandalism or destruction of property occurs in a repetitive fashion, Connect Transit may re-allocate these amenities to a different location.



Connect Transit is looking for community groups, businesses, educational institutions, involved citizens or anyone else who is interested in ‘adopting’ a Connect Transit shelter. If this is something that interests you, please contact Connect Transit at 309-829-1158 for more information.


Click Here to view the complete Better Bus Stops Improvement Plan.