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Bus Stop Infrastructure

Bus Stop Infrastructure

Connect Transit is committed to providing excellent public transportation to our entire community. Part of that effort includes our Better Bus Stops Campaign to improve the amenities and accessibility at all bus stops. In an effort to keep the public informed and engaged, Connect will be updating the infrastructure map below to reflect improvements as they occur.


Connect Transit does NOT own the public right-of-way along our routes. Connect must work with IDOT, the City of Bloomington and the Town of Normal for permitting and collaborating on projects. At times, stops may be added or removed to better coordinate with an existing municipal plan, deal with incomplete or outdated infrastructure, modify the funding source or responsible party, redesign due to grading or topography barriers, or to remove/change location of the stop.


Connect can also run into hurdles when the public right-of-way is not large enough to make the stop ADA accessible or to add needed infrastructure. Connect must obtain an easement agreement from a private property owner to install or build on their property. At times, property owners may not agree to an easement and we may have to move/remove our stop or refrain from installing the wanted infrastructure. Connect wants to respect all property owner’s privacy and their decisions, therefore we will not be posting the infrastructure on stops that are scheduled or in design, only once they are completed. 


All of these hurdles must be fully vetted with all parties and our contracted Civil Engineers before a stop can be improved. Once a stop is approved and the design is made, Connect can issue a request for bid on the concrete work. Concrete work will only occur during the warm months of the year.